Beginners Guide: Closures vs Frontals – Flowery Units

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Beginners Guide: Closures vs Frontals

Are you new to wigs or hair extensions and don't quite see the difference between a closure and a frontal? This guide was formulated with YOU in mind. Let's start!

What is a closure?

A lace closure is a piece of lace with hair individually tied onto it. A lace closure helps eliminate the need for a leave-out. The typical lace closure spans from temple to temple. Lace closures come in a few different sizes: 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7. The lace of closures can vary as well, we supply transparent lace (suitable to be tinted to any skintone), light brown, and medium brown. 

What is a frontal?

A frontal is very similar to a closure, but instead of the lace spanning temple to temple, it spans from eat to ear offering a full hairline look. With a frontal, you are able to part the hair anywhere along the hairline and pull the hair back or up into ponytails. Frontals typically come in the sizes 13x4 and 13x6. Like lace closures, the color of the lace can vary. 

Which is more expensive?

Frontals are more expensive since there is more lace and more hair. 13x6 lace frontals are more expensive than 13x4 frontals due to the addition of more parting space. 

How do I care for lace frontals and closures?

Though lace frontals and closures provide the look of a scalp, you have to be gentle with them. Since every strand on the lace is hand tied and secured with a knot, this makes the lace more fragile. When washing the lace, be sure to work the shampoo and conditioner DOWN the strand, massaging the lace gently. Condition the knots on the underside of the lace. When detangling, comb or brush from tip to root, gently, while holding the hair near the base. Being rough, rushing, or not caring for your lace properly could result in the hair fall out, breakage, lace ripping, or balding.

Which is easier to use? Which is more beginner friendly?

Closures are more beginner friendly. There is less lace to care for and less lace to blend. Since all of our units are glueless, you are able to just pop the unit on and go! 

How do I secure a lace closure?

Since our units are glueless, you don't need anything to secure it! However, if you want more the "melted" look, you can use a firm holding gel, mousse, lace glue, or even spritz along the lace and "hairline." 

How do I secure a lace frontal? 

Same as the closure, if you want the "melted" look, use gel, mousse, glue, or spritz. You can also use an elastic band (standard in all of our units). 

 What products do you recommend for securing my lace piece?

🌻Aphogee Style and Wrap mousse has the strongest and longest hold for a mousse that we've found so far!

🌻Got2B freeze spray is the strongest hold hairspray for holding lace (can last days).

🌻Got2B gel (either in the yellow bottle or black bottle), Bold Hold Liquid Gold, and Bold Hold Lace Jelly all have the best hold for a gel (can last days to a week). 

🌻Bold Hold is a lace glue that offers a great, long lasting hold.

🚨Continue to check back for updated recommendations! 🚨

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