FAQ – Flowery Units

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 1. What do you mean by density?

Density is how thin or how thick your unit is. We recommend 180% for an everyday, natural look and 200% if you want a more full look. Our wigs stock in 180% or 200% for lengths 16" and up and 150% density for shorter looks like bobs 12-14".

2. Can I bleach or color treat my unit or bundles?

Yes, as long as the unit isn't already colored or bleached. If you are going to bleach or color your hair or unit, we recommend you taking it to get professionally done to prevent damage to the hair. We are not responsible for any damage to the hair if it is bleached or colored improperly.

3. Do I need to pluck the hairline or bleach the knots of my unit?

Unless specified, the unit will come with a customized hairline (meaning plucked), the knots lightly bleached, with your choice of baby hairs. Please make sure you read unit descriptions! You do not need to bleach the baby hair again. Bleaching again can lead to shedding which we would not be responsible for.

4. What are the differences between lace frontal, lace closure, full lace, and 360 units?

Lace frontal - These units are made with a frontal and bundles. All of our units are constructed by sewing machine and are labeled as such on each page. The lace is sized either 13x4 or 13x6.
Lace closure - These units are constructed with either 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, or 7x7 lace closures. These units are also constructed by machine and are labeled on their pages.
Full lace - Full lace feature lace throughout the entire wig with the hair hand-tied, like frontals. Full lace wigs come with combs and adjustable straps. Full lace wigs are able to be parted anywhere as well and put into ponytails or other parted styles.
360 - These units are constructed with a lace piece that cover the circumference of the head. At the crown of the head, there are wefts. 360 units are also able to be pulled into ponytails and can be parted. 

5. How do I find out what size my head is for my unit?

Easy! Grab your measuring take and either braid your hair down or slick it into a ponytail - just make sure your hair is flat or how you plan to wear it under your wig. You will need to take six different measurements to find which size you wear (XS-XL). Below is an in-depth visual for how to measure with your soft tape. 

Once you have your measurements, check the chart below to find which sizes corresponds to you. That is the size that you will order. If you're having trouble, start with the measurement you have for circumference in the chart below.

X-Small (20-20.5" circumference)
Small (21-21.5" circumference)
Medium (22-22.5" circumference) - standard size
Large (23-23.5" circumference) 
X-Large (24-24.5" circumference)

We also have a video that displays the process below.


6. What should I do if my lace doesn't match my skin?

Take some of your foundation or powder (we personally love Ruby Kisses Cream Foundation, found at your local BSS) on a flat foundation brush and just lightly rub some on in the inside of the unit on the lace and along the hairline of the wig. Ebin Tinted Lace is an aerosol lace tint that comes in a variety of colors that also works well with lace. These products can be found at your local BSS or linked in our Amazon storefront.

7. How long will my wig last?

The life of your unit is determined by how the unit is cared for, stored when not in use, handled, and properly moisturized. Please refer to our care page for care and maintenance suggestions. If the unit is properly cared for, it can last 2+ years. If your lace is balding on your lace frontal or lace closure unit, you have the option of sending the wig in for the frontal or closure being replaced which can make extend the life of the wig. Lace is delicate and is not made to last forever. If you do not know how to wash or care for your wig, we offer multiple services that can help you.

8. I'm new to wearing wigs, which is best for me?

We recommend trying a lace closure unit. Our closure units are less expensive and are more beginner friendly. With out closure units, you are able to just put them on and go without applying any adhesives.

9. Should I expect shedding?

You may experience a small amount of shedding, all hair sheds! It is vital that you aren't rough with your unit when styling and make sure you keep it properly moisturized! When detangling, please start at the ends and work your way to the "root." Bleached knots weakens the hair a little, so it is imperative that you are gentle with your lace. Do not scratch your scalp through your lace, this will lead to bald spots. If you are wearing your wig with an adhesive such as glue, a hairspray, or gel, be sure to properly remove it with a solvent or water.

10. How do I apply these units?

All of our units ship with our signature adjustable elastic band, your option for combs, and are made on an adjustable cap so the fit of the wig will be secure. You can choose to use mousse, gel, or hairspray for a stronger hold or to help "melt" your lace. For full lace, 360, and frontal units, you may need to apply some sort of wig glue or strong hold gel, depending on your preference. It’s best to get your frontal or 360 wig installed professionally if you aren’t experienced.

11. What size closures and frontals do units come with? 

Our units are made with 5x5 or 6x6 closures and our frontals are made with 13x4 or 13x6 frontals.

12. When should I book my hair appointment?

Please wait until you receive your order to book a hair appointment in the event of an uncontrollable shipping delay (for example, bad weather, holidays, national disaster, covid related delays). We are not responsible for hair arriving too late for appointments that were previously booked.

13. I want my unit highlighted / dyed jet black, can you do that?

Yes. Please note, this process does add on an additional 3 days to processing time. You can find this service under "Wig Services."

14. I’m having trouble checking out, can you help me?

Yes, send an email to info@floweryunits.com if you are having an issue with checkout. You can also use our live chat option during business hours! Be sure to leave an email so we can get back to you right away.

15. I sent an email, but haven't had a response. Do I need to re-send?

Please allow 24-36 hours for email response. Response times are typically quicker, however please allow the allotted time before re-sending as this may cause delay. If you have not heard back after 48 hours of sending an email, please re-send. 

16. Do I need to fill out the Wig Confirmation Form?

Yes. In order for your wig to process and ship you will need to fill out the form in its entirety and submit it. 

17. What does "glueless" mean?

Glueless means that your wig will be able to fit your head securely without the use of adhesives. To do this, your custom wig comes with an adjustable elastic band, is sized to your measurements, and has optional combs. To achieve the "melted" look, you may need to use a hairspray, mousse, gel, or even glue. Our premade frontal wigs will fit your head, but are not glueless and will require a form of adhesive for a more natural look.