Overbleached knots? 😱 Fix it in 10 minutes! – Flowery Units

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Overbleached knots? 😱 Fix it in 10 minutes!

Sometimes when bleaching the knots, the bleach may bleed a little onto the actual hair. Don't fret, this is a simple fix that won't take you long at all! All you need is:

🌻a lash brush (or a clean mascara wand)
🌻hair dye the same color as the hair (I use adore darkest brown or off black)
🌻a dye bowl
🌻hair clips
🌻a parting comb
Squirt a little half dollar sized amount of dye into the bowl. Part out the lace where the hair got accidentally bleached. Lightly dip the lash brush into the dye and comb it over the spot where you overbleached the hair. Allow the dye to sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and style as usual!
🚨Take your time and be light handed with this process! Rushing or using too much product could result in the lace getting stained!

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