How to Measure Your Head for a Custom Wig – Flowery Units

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So ... how do I measure my head for a custom unit?

"I want a custom wig but I have no idea how to take the measurements for my head!" Don't worry, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about accurately measuring your head. 

Hair Prep

The first step in accurately measuring your head is prepping your hair. Try to have your hair done in the same way you plan on wearing it under your unit. Units lay flattest when the hair is braided into smaller cornrows. If that isn't possible, slick you hair back or into a ponytail and cover with a wig cap. If slicking your hair isn't an option either, just part your hair where the measurements are needed and make sure the measuring tape is flat to the scalp.

What measurements do I need to take?

There are 6 measurements needed in order to provide the best fit of your unit: circumference, front to nape, ear to ear across forehead, ear to ear over top, temple to temple around the back, and the nape. The two most important measurements are the circumference and ear to ear across forehead, so be sure to take those measurements a few times for accuracy.

Can you provide a visual of how to do this?

Of course! We have recorded a video giving step by step instructions on how to take each measurement. 

Do you have a picture I could reference for measurements?

Of course! Take a look below.

Where do I put my measurements?

Please provide your measurements in the measurements section. You do not need to provide measurements at checkout, but please provide your measurements within 5 (five) days of purchase. If you do not provide measurements, your wig will be made to standard 22" measurements. If you email with your measurements after purchase, please out the subject "Wig Measurements + Order Number" in the subject. In the email, provide your name, order number, the unit you purchased, and your measurements. 

I have more questions, how can I reach you?

We love helping! Feel free to reach us at or send a message through the chat option on the website. 

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